all extensively used by hydroponics gardeners, in order to boost their plants yield and growth rates, or just because it seems like a sensible idea!

Some of this miscellaneous equipment is purely here because, logically, there was nowhere else to put it. Again we have included a few manufacturers names, but most, if not all, of this collection of bits and pieces is readily available from your local hydroponics supplier.


They carry a complete range of ducting Ducting systems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The most common in non-commercial usage being 100mm, 125mm and 150mm diameter, round section. There are various choices of duct material and it comes in both flexible and rigid format. The most popular in our experience is the flexible pastic ducting. This is the same type of duct that is used for domestic tumble dryer outlets. A full range of connectors, clamp bands and adaptors are available to enable you to design and build whatever system you choose.

The Monsoon range, has miscellaneous ducting and then some to spare. National Ventilation, the manufacturer of the Monsoon range, is one of the better known U.K. suppliers. They carry a complete range of ducting as well as miscellaneous fixtures and fittings.

Reel Supports

The above support is called an Easy Roll. It is made in Italy and can be purchased at most good hydroponics outlets. The cord is tied to the growing plant and the hook on the top is slipped over either a wire or a small diameter top rail. Alternatively it may be tied to a hook in the ceiling.

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