The following list of popular plant food manufacturers is in alphabetical order. We do not wish to become drawn into the argument about which of these is “the best”. The best nutrient for you is the one which gives you the best results and that you are comfortable using. Some of the nutrients are single bottle and some are multiple bottle formulae. We recommend that you start with something simple to use and then, as you become more adept and your confidence grows, graduate to the more complicated systems. You may well find that your original choice suits you better and so will go back to it.


This Canadian company specializes in the manufacture of nutrients for growing Medical Marijuana. They offer a growing helpline service to registered and Canada Health licenced patients. While the growing of this plant is legal in some countries, in others it is strictly against the law. We do not encourage or endorse the growing, harvesting, preparing or distributing of any illegal plant or substance. If it is against the law where you live, we suggest you either do not grow it, or that you move to somewhere where it is legal.


This Western Australian company manufactures the Ionic range of nutrients. The range is comprehensive and covers commercial, single pack, for both soft and hard water areas and two pack nutrients . A specific coco nutrient is also supplied. Full instructions and safety data sheets are available for their range of products. Growth Technology also provide a crop specific nutrient service.


One of the best known Dutch nutrient manufacturers, Hesi Plant Foods manufacture a complete range of nutrients for both soil and soiless systems. Both single can products, for such substrates as coco, and two can products are available. The company prides itself on the quality and consistency of its products. An excellent range of articles covering plant growth and nutrition is to be found on their website.

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