Passion and professionalism come together in the nutritious HESI plant nutrients. This, the name of a magical recipe for plants, has quickly proven that it can fully satisfy all the needs of both plant and grower. We have now developed into a flourishing international company and are definitely no longer an insider’s secret

Right from the start, high quality has been the most important trademark of Hesi plant nutrients. Valuable additives such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and plant sugars turn each product into a source of health and nourishment for plants.

The latest developments – the hydro nutrients and the coco nutrients – are chockfull of these nutritious ingredients and the results are therefore very promising. Special characteristics make the nutrients interactive, whereby it can automatically adjust the pH value of the soil to achieve the desired level of acidity, for example. The high doses of chelates guarantee the constant and optimum availability of all the nutrients. Our nutrient maximises results and is easy to use.

The entire plant nutrient line was derived from a love of plants and has developed into a thriving business in just a few years due to the overwhelming demand for this exceptional fertilizer and the special supplements. By conducting intensive research into the secrets of plant metabolism, We have managed to develop optimum vitamin compounds geared towards each phase of the life cycle of the plant. These vitamins are added to the plant nutrients and serve to increase energy and stimulate growth. As a result the plants grow and flower more easily and this facilitates gardening. Hesi is a customer-oriented company with a high logistic potential. Each order is processed immediately and the products are delivered to the customer as quickly as possible by national and international forwarding companies.

All our products are available from stock in large quantities, whereby “first in first out” is guaranteed on the basis of charge numbers. The products are manufactured, checked, packaged and despatched in-house, and the quality of each order is checked for irregularities before packaging. Even the smallest deviation concerning, for example, the composition or the pH value is immediately registered and corrected. The easily recognisable colour coding for the products, bottles and boxes gives the customer added security, as this precludes the possibility of accidental switches. The high-grade ingredients are purchased internationally, thus guaranteeing high-quality fertilisers and boosters at low prices. The latest scientific research reports are incorporated into production and quality control without delay, so it is no idle boast as we say that HESI is always at the forefront. The secret of our quality is not really a secret at all. The consistent utilisation of the chemical and biological know-how of the Hesi team, combined with ongoing attention for the latest scientific publications as well as in-house research, ensures the continuous improvement of the knowledge of this motivated team. The success of our plant nutrients is supported by a professional marketing strategy. Advertisements in specialist journals and representation at trade fairs emphasise the demonstrable added value of all the Hesi products.

For sound knowledge and useful information on our products, users can consult the free Hesi brochures and information folders.

A love of detail and a knowledge of plant biology are reflected in the botanical articles by engineer Siglinde. These articles have been published regularly in authoritative specialist journals and present growers with a greater insight into the make-up of plants, enabling them to respond more quickly to errors.

We recently established a modern, well-equipped laboratory for analytical, chemical and botanical research in order to develop more surprising new products. The continued aim is to optimise the cultivation cycle of the plant for the benefit of the customer. The comprehensive range of Hesi products offers an optimum solution for every cultivation method. Root-Complex and Super-Vit, the ultimate plant conditioners for all growth mediums, have become commercial successes since their introduction, and the soil nutrients with TNT-Complex, Bloom-Complex and Phosphor-plus are the leading products in the HESI range.

The surprising new Hesi Hydro and Hesi Coco fertilisers are quite unique. Instead of the usual A+B components, only one can is needed. This is only possible if the product is exceptionally stable. By having the right composition of nutrients in combination with chelates, stability can be guaranteed not only in the can but also right down to the roots of the plant. In addition to the user-friendly advantages of one-component plant nutrients (half as much carrying, lower dosing, fewer empty cans, less storage), the transport costs are also relatively cheaper. By applying clever management, Hesi manages to keep quality high and prices low. And developments are still continuing! The establishment of the new laboratory is another step in the right direction for Hesi, and soon a larger factory will enable the company to provide its customers with an even better and more satisfactory service. (Copyright Hesi Plant Nutrition. NL)

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