The Smart Tray and AutoPot CapPlus capillary table are versatile irrigation systems that can be used by both the greenhouse gardener and the commercial grower alike.

The Smart Tray system consists of a SmartValve controlling the flow of nutrient rich water to a tray. The potted plants are sat in the tray. By using pots, the grower has a wider choice of mediums like coir, rockwool and soil mixes. The pots can be removed and easily transferred to other Trays allowing quick and simple access to differing nutrient solutions at different stages of growth. The trays can be interlinked to provide bigger systems.

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The AutoPot CapPlus capillary table uses a flat bed with a channel in it. A SmartValve controls the flow of water to the channel. Capillary matting is placed on the table so that it allows the water to be taken up. This is done by feeding one edge into the channel. The plants, in pre-watered pots, are placed on the capillary matting which has first been watered by hand. The advantages of this Smart Tray are immediately apparent. It allows the grower to achieve excellent results with the minimum of supervision. Provided there is always a constant supply of water to the tank the system only needs the normal health checks. As there is no run off or recirculation there is no deterioration in the nutrient quality reaching the plants. A regular purge using a water only tank can be performed with ease and no loss of expensive nutrient, as can the change to a flowering stage nutrient.

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